Lasering Beautiful LED Panels

There’s always been one piece of product design that I adored, but never was able to quite pull off. Until now.

What am I talking about? LED panels of course! Those panels with translucent icons that are individually illuminated by LEDs. This:


Cool, huh?

So how does one go about making such a panel?

Step 1: Spray paint High Heat paint ( I used this - uniformly on a piece of clear plexiglas. Let it dry.



Side Note: do not use regular spray paint. It will come out terrible, like this:



Step 2: Laser the panel! Using a laser cutter, etch off whatever areas you want to be translucent. This means your icons, any borders, etc. You’ll want to use the rasterize setting on your laser cutter. Be sure to set the laser to lower power; you don’t want to cut through, you just want to etch off the top layer of paint. lasering_inprogress

Step 3: Admire your work!