AeroQuad Fixes

A few weeks ago I got my hands on an AeroQuad Typhoon quadcopter kit. I quickly built it, was all set to fly…. and it crashed. A lot of times. I also cut my fingers pretty bad one night trying to debug it. I had to tether the thing because it was so out of control.



But today I finally got it flying!


What was the issue?

Incorrect board orientation, motor wiring, and calibration.

Incorrect Flight Controller Orientation

By default the AeroQuad flight controller board comes loaded with AeroQuad X configuration. What does this mean? It means the following:

Notice which way is considered the quadcopters “front”. The blue arrow shows the direction, its the side with USB sticking out of. The front direction arrow also lines up with the X axis arrow on the AQ32 board.


Be sure to Calibrate your accelerometer using the correct “front” direction. If accelerometer calibration is done incorrectly – your copter will crash! After assembling your quadcopter, it might be convenient to make a big arrow so you can quickly see where the copter’s “front” is.

Propeller Placement

Also, pay attention to how the propellers are placed. Motors 1 and 3 use the “P” type propeller ( look at the text on the propeller, you’ll see 4.7P), while Motors 2 and 4 use the regular propeller(just 4.7 on the text) . Propellers should be placed with text facing the sky.

Reversing Motor Rotation

If your motors are spinning the wrong way ( clockwise instead of counter clockwise), switch any two wires of that motors ESC. That will cause it to spin the other way.


Good luck! See you in the skies.

Also, I like to put the battery underneath the quadcopter, that seems to make it a little bit more stable.