The Secrets of the Blue Trail

After hiking Breakneck in March, I went up again with two other friends a week later. I was hooked! Breakneck Ridge has more than a dozen combinations of trails one can take,  and I was set on exploring them all.

We began the hike with the good old White Trail, which has a pretty steep climb towards the beginning. If you look at the trail map  you can see how close the elevation lines are together. They’re so absolutely close it looks like that area is simply shaded in. This time we decided to take the Blue Trail. We decided that this time we would try the Blue Trail, so after a 2 mile hike North along White, we turned left down Blue.

The Blue Trail is by far my most favorite trail in the area, because its filled with hidden things that you have to keep an eye out for. If you just jog the trail or even walk it in a rush, you’re bound to miss some very cool things.

At one point along the trail, you can make out a tinge of blue in the forest. A quarter mile off trail, down an extremely steep decline(you will slip!), you can find a retro blue station wagon from an old crash. We went down to check it out, it seems like the driver made a turn down the mountain and crashed into a nearby tree. The car itself is a bit beat up, missing lots of parts, and is nearly completely rusted. In the summer and spring, watch out for snakes and animals making the car their home.

At another section of the trail, keep an ear out. If you’re lucky you’ll be hiking during the frog mating season(around March), you can follow the sounds of their calls to a frog pond. Theres a tremendous number of frogs there, all calling out trying to find a mate. A frog mating call sort of sounds like that of a duck’s.

Lastly, but certainly not least, towards the very end of the trail, you can visit the swimming hole! Its a little bit off trail, and I was lucky to hear the water rushing through. To get to the little spring, just look for a side trail (on the left side) and climb your away towards it. The water is deep enough to swim in and if you’re feeling crazy, deep enough to jump into from the top of the rock. During the winter the water level is a little low, and the water is absolutely freezing! But during the warmer months, the swimming hole is a welcome refreshment after a long hike. The water also is home for small fish, so be careful if you swallow the mountain water.

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